Anonymous asked:

People need to lay off Ezra. Seriously, all the guys have messed up and people can justify their actions, but with Ezra, they can't. I believe that all the guys' actions can be explained. You can't really justify any of their actions, but you can explain and understand it. It should be the same way for all the guys, but because Ezra is older and a teacher, they put him on a pedistool and basically say he isn't allowed to make mistakes. Treat Ezra the same as the others people!

pauldehaan answered:

Exactly what i mean by them being hypocrites. Just because they think Ezra is so much older than Aria (when in reality they are probably like 6 years apart or less), they think that he isn’t a human being and that he isn’t allowed to do anything. 

They don’t understand that Aria is in a relationship with him. It’s not just Ezra. It’s Aria. They are together, she knows and he knows. It’s time the fandom realizes that he goes beyond the teacher. 

Will they realize everything? No.